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Bruce Cormack

Interviewed by Eve Klein on 4 December 2000

Bruce Cormack. I spent a lot of time in the Mosman/Mosman. When we came back in 1942 – back to Mosman from Parkes, we were in Rickard Avenue, and there was a back gate and a track, and you could get from the back of our house straight down to Sirius Cove. Sirius Cove at low tide made a marvelous mini-golf course and between three of us we had one and half golf clubs and two balls. We played a lot of golf at Sirius Cove at low tide. We used the rocks, we used to fish, we’d walk around the rocks there. Unfortunately, we offered ourselves as shark bait – in hindsight – a little too often. We’d find floating logs of wood and you’d paddle them around the bays. We went through the old canoe phase, and we literally lived on the water, and we walked on the bush tracks. Bradleys Head and Ashton Park were our back yards, as much as our own back yards, and over the hill to Balmoral where we did our serious swimming. We usually walked over the hill down to Balmoral and hung on to the penny to get the tram back up the hill again. We were early inhabitants of the Bather’s Pavilion when it was indeed the Bather’s Pavilion.