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Garrie Felsted Wells

Interviewed by Zoe Dobson on 24th July 2003

Garrie Felsted Wells. Yes, there was Orana in Bradley’s Head Road which was an Infant’s School I suppose, and then the Garden school in Stanton Road. I remember going to a fete and they were all doing sort of Greek dancing out on the lawn.

Zoe Dobson. Do you remember the Principal of any of the…

Garrie Felsted Wells. ….no I don’t, I just know there were two elderly ladies that ran it. I think it was certainly for young ladies. And then there was Killarney too at the end of Heydon St. and Dalton Road. It was a kindergarten coming from school. They all had uniforms, but I can’t remember much about the Garden School except it was well known at that time.