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John Wilmot Roberts

Interviewed by Trish Levido on 15 December 2005

Trish Levido. What businesses do you remember in Mosman?

John Roberts. On the corner of Clifford Street and Spit Road opposite the Australian Theatre was Crossman’s refreshment shops where we went at interval to buy ice creams and then I can remember that their son set up a printing business and used the back of the premises and that’s where the clubs like Balmoral Swimming Club and Mosman Rugby Club would have their ball and dance tickets. One bought tickets to go to a ball in those days to present at the door when we arrived. Mr Crossman’s son became a chartered accountant he lives just down the road, and he has sons so I actually knew four generations of Crossman’s.

I remember a jewelry shop down at Mosman Junction near Avenue Road. Carny’s jewelry shop, he was Vice President of the swimming club, and some of his silver cups were prizes.

I can remember Adams cake shop at Spit Junction and Pittorino’s greengrocery shop at Spit Junction. I can’t remember the name of the produce store, three sisters ran it. They supplied bird seed and corn etc, not green groceries. And yes of course there was Lovell’s Bakery. I didn’t have much occasion to go into the drapery shop.