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First World War

  • Betty Kennard - interviewed by Eve Klein, 5th March 2001
    Betty Kennard. Interviewed by Eve Klein 5th March 2001 Subjects:, First World War , Work Eve Klein: In which way did you spend the weekend? Betty Kennard. We s…
  • Charles Rosman - interviewed by Nancy Johnson, 26 June 1996
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    Charles Rosman. After the 1st World War, all the return soldiers that came back used to get deferred pay and it amounted to about a thousand pounds, or round about t…
  • John Carruthers - interviewed by Trish Levido, 15 February 2006
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    John Carruthers. He bought the residue of the land from the association after they ran out of steam, they didn’t sell the last two houses on the eastern side…. Tri…
  • Violet Peters (nee Philips) - interviewed by Trish Levido, 12 September 2006
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    Trish Levido. You are of particular interest to the library because you grew up in what we call the soldier settlement. What do you remember and what was the address…