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John Suhan

Interviewed by Trish Levido on 27 July 1981

Trish Levido. What was your favourite childhood occupation?

John Suhan. I think I was torn between the lures of Hollywood at the Mosman Kinema Theatre. I can remember going to the first show they ever put on in the new Kinema, which is now of course, the modern R.S.L. building, and it was Paul Robeson and Sanders of the River. I think that was in 1936, but after that the – I used to say I was going off to the cricket, but I’d go to the matinees. I was really enthralled by the adventure sagas of Hollywood in that era, I was drugged on it, and when I was old enough to go at night, which wasn’t that old, perhaps 11, or so, I’d even do both the matinee and then the evening show, which my parents thought was only one.