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Betty McGlinchy

Interviewed by Eve Klein on 13 August 2000

Betty McGlinchy. Not really no. Redan Street was fairly quiet. During the War the tanks and the army lorries used to come trundling along the street and we’d all rush out to have a look.

Eve Klein. Going where?

Betty McGlinchy. I don’t know. Going to Georges Heights to somewhere. They wouldn’t tell you.

Eve Klein. Not to Balmoral base there?

Betty McGlinchy. No, they could have gone down Raglan Street there was no need to go along there. I don’t know what they were doing. If you’d have asked they wouldn’t have told you, it was all secret. Everything was secret. Any movements like that – well it was just happening but you didn’t ask. The beaches were a mass of big chunks of concrete and barbed wire, but to sort of go down to the beach you just walked around it.