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Richard Neville Hughes

Interviewed by Nancy Johnson on 24 July 1996
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Nancy Johnson. How did you get in and out of the city when you went to work?

Neville Hughes. From Holt Avenue, Dad and I used to walk down what we called the gully, you’d cut across the vacant land opposite where we lived and past where The Rangers was, down Brierley Street, and down that gully and we came out at Reid Park and then got the ferry. There was quite a bit of bush down there then, and as a matter of fact we used to play ‘Bobby’s and Bushies’ where there were a couple of rival gangs. One came from up the other gully, up towards Steel’s Store up there, and we were down in the Cremorne end. Also there were a mob of larrikins, they lived in Parriween Street, they were called the Parriween mob, and they were real roughies, they were. We didn’t have anything to do with them – we were a cut above them. Oh dear it was so funny.