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Patricia Ann Rae Dale

Interviewed by Susan Kelly on 14 October 2002
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Susan Kelly. Did you travel by bicycle?

Patricia Dale. I never had a bicycle, I’m not sure whether the older ones did, or not, it was either walking or the tram. My aunt in David Street and my grandmother had cars. My grandmother had a car with vases in the back I remember. We’d always go in that car to another aunt at Roseville every Christmas and we would always go in that car. In latter years my aunt had more modern cars.

You asked me about shopping, I remember every Christmas my aunt would go into the markets in the city and buy cases of fruit and we’d go with her in the car. And earlier at Christmas time my brothers would go in to the markets and they’d come home with a live chook or some other kind of fowl which would then be dispatched in the backyard. My mother was a wonderful cook and the boys used to do the axing.