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Terry Forrest

Interviewed by Zoe Dobson on 16 October 2003
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Terry Forrest. In 1937 my father who was involved in the meat business ostensibly, purchased a shop at number 6 Spit Road Mosman. We moved from Vaucluse to come and live at what was then called number 62 Bay Street Beauty Point. It has since been re-numbered to 84 Bay Street. The house is still standing almost and last time I saw it almost completely unchanged.

In those days there were very few roads and you have all heard of the dairies and horses around Beauty Point. The concrete road only came down to our house in Bay Street and all the other roads around were unmade at that time. Our house was adjacent to what we used to call the bush which was of course vacant land next door. There was a stone wall down the drive which I vividly recall being the source of a number of snakes. My mother had a 4/10 gauge shotgun which was used to some effect on the snakes. …. I have a feeling it might have knocked a few possums off too, they were prolific and they lived in the roof quite often.