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Terry Forrest

Interviewed by Zoe Dobson on 16 October 2003

Terry Forrest. The other thing was, that after they built the road and that beautiful storm water drain, it ran down alongside my friend’s place, Terry Burrough who lived on the other side of the road. We decided at one stage to try and communicate via morse-code. We found out that you only needed one wire and a couple of batteries and two morse-code sets – what they call earth return electric currents, which worked.

So we dragged the wire outside his bedroom window and used a hammer and chisel to break a hole on top of the storm water pipe, got a little kid to crawl up and get the wire and take it across the road to the other side of the reserve and then we pulled it out and draped it through the trees round to my house through the bush. It worked beautifully. Except one day it rained like mad and Terry’s father wondered what this water spout was outside his bedroom window. Of course the water came down the pipe and came out of the hole and so we were disconnected.