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Sylvia MacCormick

Interviewed by Trish Levido on 9 January 2008

Trish Levido. Now did you ever see the lady living in the cave down at Rosherville Reserve?

Silvia MacCormick. Oh yes that character. Yes Al and I became quite friendly with her.

Trish Levido. Did you, tell me about it?

Silvia MacCormick. Oh well there’s nothing to tell really. She was very eccentric.

Trish Levido. Did she live in the cave all the time or did she have a home as well?

Silvia MacCormick. No, I think she lived in the cave for all the time. When I say, well we used to occasionally see her and talked to her but she didn’t want to really talk to anybody much.

Trish Levido. Where was the cave?

Silvia MacCormick. At Balmoral.

Trish Levido. Did she used to live in the cave at Balmoral?

Silvia MacCormick. She was there, yes.

Trish Levido. Did you ever see her cave?

Silvia MacCormick. No.

Trish Levido. You just knew that she….

Silvia MacCormick. …no I just knew that she was living in a cave.

Trish Levido. But she was an odd character to look at.

Silvia MacCormick. Oh she was ….yes the poor old thing, yes. She didn’t really want to talk to anybody she was sufficient enough unto herself.