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Charles Rosman

Interviewed by Nancy Johnson on 26 June 1996

Charles Rosman. When I started to get sick, about six or seven years ago they sold a running fleet – three of them running, and they were often came into the bay, they had a big sign on top ‘Rosman Ferries’.

Nancy Johnson. The sign is still there?

Charles Rosman. Yes. They’re still carrying on and doing good business because they’re a different type of boat to most of the boats that are built now – they’re built of steel, or aluminum and that and they make a lot of noise in the boat itself. A wooden boat is comparatively quiet, you can hear yourself talking.

Nancy Johnson. It absorbs the sound I suppose.

Charles Rosman. They’re still doing Harbour cruises.

Nancy Johnson. I can remember going on ‘The Radar’. The Harbour cruises, that was a long time ago.

Charles Rosman. She’s a fine boat. She has been renovated a lot, French polished and all new seats. She still has the same engine in now, as when she was built. It was looked after pretty well.