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John Carruthers

Interviewed by Trish Levido on 15 February 2006

John Carruthers. No one I knew had a bicycle, but billy carts, yes.

Trish Levido. There was something in the wheels of the billy carts that was valuable.

John Carruthers. Yes, they had ball bearing wheels – Rolls Royce.

Trish Levido. Because they were expensive to buy.

John Carruthers. We didn’t have any ball bearings.

Trish Levido. And did it make any difference to have a billy cart with them?

John Carruthers. Well, I suppose so.

Trish Levido. You didn’t know because none of the other kids had ball bearing wheels.

John Carruthers. A small wheel in the front and two little wheels at the back.

Trish Levido. Did you carry anything in the billy cart, or did you just use it to get around in?

John Carruthers. I just used it race it down the hill until my brother broke off his front tooth so billy carts were gone then.