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Violet Peters (nee Philips)

Interviewed by Trish Levido on 12 September 2006

Trish Levido. …tell me about the man that lived in a cave.

Violet Peters. I remember seeing him walking up the big central avenue. He had a long beard and a big topcoat and bag slung over his shoulder. He was there for years.

Trish Levido. Do you think he came home from the war and lived in the cave?

Violet Peters. I don’t know. He might have just been a drop-out [and never recovered from the war]. I think he was found dead in that cave.

Trish Levido. Where is the cave?

Violet Peters. It’s down behind where Billy lives down on the water’s edge.

Trish Levido. Below where the tennis court was, below Bay St. On the water’s edge there’s a cave and he lived in there?

Violet Peters. Yes, he was there all the time when I was little.