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Garrie Felsted Wells

Interviewed by Zoe Dobson on 24th July 2003

Garrie Felsted Wells. Yes, I went to Wenona in 1934 when I was seven and I’m still friends with some of those girls. There are a small group of us who meet every couple of months and have lunch together. It was a very happy time there again at school. School days made a big impression. It’s the fun things I remember with joy.

I remember walking round to Cavill’s Baths which was quite a long walk to learn to swim. And walking right to the southern end of Balmoral Beach and then up over to the baths. I remember Mr. Cavill being rather fierce and tying a rope round my middle and pulling me into the deep end, and boy did I swim. But that was a bit off-putting I must admit. I was a bit frightened then.