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Margaret Broadfoot and Ken Hooton

Interviewed by Trish Levido on 5th March 2008

Ken Hooton. And Carney the fruiter, his was the first shop near the police station before they went further down. It was a little old general business where they sold ice creams and lollies, bread and butter. the very first shop in Middle Head Road on the left hand side near the Buena Vista.

Margaret Broadfoot. Do you remember Mr. Herman, he said that I walked very straight, he was the bootmaker.

Ken Hooton. There was Gapper who sold shoes. And the fellow who had the menswear shop, at the top of Almora Street.

Trish Levido. Is there anyone left other than Lovell’s Drapery?

Ken Hooton. There was Mr. Lyon he was a client of mine he was the other draper, Lyon & Company. He was in Spit Road round the corner.

Ken Hooton. There was a lolly shop run by two elderly spinsters, Longley & Rugg that was next door to the haberdashery in Prince Albert St, before it turned into Military Road. They sold Musk sticks, Minties, Jelly Babies, Ruggles etc.