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Peter Lovell

Interviewed by Trish Levido on 6 January 2010
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Trish Levido. Did you like the whole idea of Bridge Point development?

Peter Lovell. Yes, we pushed very hard for that because without Bridge Point Spit Junction would have died.

Trish Levido. What was behind your store then?

Peter Lovell. It was a car park. My father, Ted Caesar, Ted Lyons, Ken Comdon, and John Whittle formed a committee and pushed to get that car park built, which is where Bridge Point is except for the street.

Trish Levido. So it was just a flat level car plot for all the people to park their cars.

Peter Lovell. There were houses – Mosman Council bought it but the retailers paid for it on a levy on their rates for so many years. I still have the original papers. It was bought by the retailers, and entrusted to the council to maintain it, but it was so long ago I can’t remember the exact wording. But they pushed and got that, then we had somebody who wanted to build a retirement village over it, and we fought that, which was a hard battle.