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Louise Crisp

Interviewed by Eve Klein on 14 August 2000

Eve Klein. Can you recall the differences, say in the 50s, to your first recollections of Mosman? What would have developed?

Louise Crisp. Things were very easy in a way – shopping-wise because my mother rang the grocer, or I did, and it was delivered. The fruiterer delivered, and the bread and milk and everything came, so we really didn’t have all these parcels and things to carry.

Eve Klein. It was regular delivery, and weekend deliveries?

Louise Crisp. Oh absolutely, it was wonderful and they were so nice, the people. They’d even pop things in the ‘fridge for you. Eddie was the man at Spofforth Street, who used to give us the groceries.

Eve Klein. Was there much development on Military Road in those days?

Louise Crisp. Not really.

Eve Klein. So one used one’s local fruiterer and grocer? Do you recall if one shopped around for good prices, as much as one does now?

Louise Crisp. No, no you’d just ring up and hope that it wasn’t too bad.