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Patricia Beaumont

Interviewed by Rosemary Christmas on 28 March 2001
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Rosemary Christmas. Do you remember the war years? Did that affect you at all?

Patricia Beaumont. Yes, the Second World War, well yes. Rather a strange thing happened. I remember when the submarines came into the harbour and they shelled Rose Bay and broke windows, and a few more came in, and it was announced. The house next door to ours – my family home was in Raglan Street. and the home next door built a bomb shelter big enough for the neighbours either side to go in. When we heard this explosion, we were told to fill the baths with water and go under the table, or wherever you could. Well we went in next door. When I went in with my mother, my brother was away at the war, and I said: ‘I don’t think I turned the tap off, I’ll go in and do it’. I had done it.