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Paul Metzler

Interviewed by Donna Braye on 18 February 2000

Donna Braye. Did you go to school in Mosman?

Paul Metzler. My sister went to school at Miss Yarnold’s. My sister was two years old than I. She went to Miss Yarnold’s – the big house is still there in Bradleys Head Road. From our house you went just up Thompson Street to Bradleys Head Road, turned left and a couple of houses along – there were big mansions along there – one of the mansions was Miss Yarnold’s school for girls and young gentlemen up to the age of eight. That’s where she went. It’s a sad tale – I did go, but I could hardly call myself an Old Boy of Miss Yarnold’s because I only lasted half a day. They had to bring me home at lunchtime.

Donna Braye. You just didn’t like it?

Paul Metzler. Well that’s what my parents said: ‘What was the matter?’ and mother had all the sympathetic questions. ‘Didn’t you like it dear? Was it something else dear? What’s the matter dear?’ My father, pretty impatiently said: ‘Come on, what is it?’ And I said: ‘Well they made me sit next to a boy called Stafford’. And I thought that was a hard name and I didn’t like it. So you can see what sort of a sharp young man I was. No logic, but there was always a reason.