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Paul Metzler

Interviewed by Donna Braye on 18 February 2000

Paul Metzler. …..but he may have made quite a lot from investments, because those wool buyers, I wouldn’t say young wool buyers, but they’d be early middle-age, they were part of Mosmans’ well-off people. They were the Continental wool buyers. Dutch, German, French and Belgium, and they were a community. They all entertained each other. There’d be plenty of cigars and beer, and they all lived in very good houses. I don’t say they bought them, they may have just rented, but that house of ours was a beauty – two storeys and a cellar beneath it, and oh yes, they lived well. So they were all very well-off people. I don’t know if they were well-off because they had good salaries, or if they had invested it and were well-off. My father may or may not have had some money – probably did, but my mother had the income from her father’s settlement on her.