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Joyce Robinson

Interviewed by Eve Klein on 24 April 2001

Eve Klein. We’re just talking about Woolworth’s and how Mrs. Robinson saved money in those days.

Joyce Robinson. It cost 3d on the ferry, and I’d get the tram to the Quay. I’d walk back to the ferry after work, and so that was 10d a day; six days a week. I used to give my mother five shillings a week. You could have a lay-by in those days for a shilling a week – I’ve forgotten the name of the firm now, but you could get what they called a ‘cash order’, and you paid that off at about a shilling a week. It would be a cash order for about three pounds, but you could buy yourself a new frock, or a suit, hat shoes and handbag.

Eve Klein. Where did you purchase these things usually? Where did you go to shop?

Joyce Robinson. All the shops in the city. David Jones, Farmers, McCathies, Hordern Bros, McDowells, and Ways, and there were so many shops to choose from.

Eve Klein. Where did you usually shop?

Joyce Robinson. McDowells was always the best for materials. Ways for gloves; McCathies for lace, and June, the millinery – you’d go there for hats, where they just had the basic hat. You’d get the trimmings elsewhere – the flower, the bows etc, and you’d put them altogether.