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Brian Woolley

Interviewed by Sandra Blamey on 16 May 2001

Sandra Blamey. Did you fish?

Brian Woolley. No. I was never a fisherman person. None of us seemed to do that really. The main thing was our billy-carts and push-bikes.

Sandra Blamey. A home-made billy-cart?

Brian Woolley. Yes. It was made out of a box, a couple of wheels and we were always repairing it. We used to race down the roads – never had to worry about traffic – they had to get out of our way when we were coming down. On our push-bikes, quite often a group of us would go up to the corner of Medusa Street and Spit Road., and we’d race down Spit Road and as we got round the first corner we were going that fast we had to take our feet off the pedals. The main aim was to see how close to the middle of the old Spit Bridge we could get to before we had to start pedaling again. We would quite often put our feet on the long side of the tram and get a free ride up to the top. It was the ones that had a foot-rail along the side of it, and the conductor would walk up and down, and sometimes he’d come down and look at us and warn us and say that if we fell off it was our fault. We’d then either go home, or we’d have another race.