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Barbara Williams

Interviewed by Gerald Christmas on 10 May 2006
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Barbara Williams. I remember going to that theatre – the one for the coming of Christ. The man who ran The Tivoli had something to do with it.

Gerald Christmas. Do you remember shows at the Amphitheatre?

Barbara Williams. There were comedy shows and ballet.

Gerald Christmas. Was this open to the public?

Barbara Williams. Oh yes, and everybody took cushions and rugs. A private bus took people to the Amphitheatre. At the age of seven I thought the shows were marvelous.

Gerald Christmas. Where did you sit, at the back or the front?

Barbara Williams. (short passage unclear) there was a little cavern that we went to at Edwards Beach with our rugs and cushions. Only in the summer I think. I was delighted with the coloured costumes and the music.

Gerald Christmas. Do you remember when the flats were built there?

Barbara Williams. No, I was overseas then. After it finished as an Amphitheatre I think it became a health resort, people were buried in the sand all over the place, just heads popping up, it was supposed to be good for arthritis or something.

Gerald Christmas. I see, so being buried in the wet sand was good for you.

Barbara Williams. Yes, it was a forerunner to a Health Club.

Gerald Christmas. Was this an idea of the Theosophical Society?

Barbara Williams. I don’t think so, the Amphitheatre was still there, and on the ground floor you could see exercise places.