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Gretchen Dechert

Interviewed by Zoe Dobson on 15 August 2005

Gretchen Dechert. I also remember the day the bridge was opened. My father had seats and we sat right in the front row. He didn’t want to go, he stayed at home and listened to it on the wireless, but my mother and I went. We sat there and we saw the man coming on his horse and cutting the ribbon.

Zoe Dobson. Where you were you sitting?

Gretchen Dechert. Right on the front…

Zoe Dobson. …on this side?

Gretchen Dechert. No, on the other side, and we thought that was a bit strange but we didn’t take any notice. Then somebody else tied the ribbon together and it was properly cut and so on. When we got home my father in great excitement said, ‘oh, did you see it all, what was it about?’ We said, ‘what are you talking about?’ and then he told us what had actually happened, we had no idea what was going on. In our curiosity we just watched everything and a man came on a horse with a saber…..

Zoe Dobson. …so there wasn’t any actual drama.

Gretchen Dechert. We thought it was just part of the ceremony in our stupidity.