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Brian Woolley

Interviewed by Sandra Blamey on 16 May 2001

Brian Woolley. I suppose we used to go to the Zoo, and we had rides on the elephants. They had big things on the top of them and you walked up on the elephant and you’d go for a walk around with the elephant. And they had little trains that as children you’d hop on, so we must have gone to the Zoo.

Sandra Blamey. I suppose the children in the neighbourhood may have tried to sneak into the Zoo.

Brian Woolley. I suppose they could have, because there was no security. 40 years ago when I went in, all you had to do was just walk through. We used to go through the side gates – not the main entrance gates – and walk down to the ferry.

Sandra Blamey. You’ve got a connection with the Zoo now with your banana leaves.

Brian Woolley. Yes, and also my sister some years ago, she sponsored me as a – scroll – is it a scroll? The animals that have become a bit extinct – anyway she sponsored me for that. I’ve renewed it this year and you get about four tickets, as a member.