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Dr and Mrs Dwyer

Interviewed by Eve Klein on 30 November 2000
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Mrs Dwyer. There was no library. There were two ladies – about University age perhaps, very dedicated who lent out some books.

Eve Klein. Who owned something?

Mrs Dwyer. No, this was the first communal one. There were private lending libraries. There were a number of them around Mosman. One of them was called ‘Homecraft’ – Mrs Booth, she also sold pottery..

Eve Klein. That was in the 1940s?

Mrs Dwyer. In the 1930s.

Eve Klein. Did you have the need for any facilities?

Mrs Dwyer. I would have loved the library that’s there now. I felt very deprived because we had books of our own but we didn’t use libraries for children’s books at all, they weren’t available.

Eve Klein. When do you recall using the library?

Mrs Dwyer. Ever since it has been there for my own children, we used to go there and bring back mountains of books for them, when it was still in Boronia.