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Hazel Maclean

Interviewed by Yolande Pierce on 31 January 1989

Hazel Maclean. Oh, we had so many theatres to go to in those days – local theatres. Between Crows Nest and Manly we had 13 theatres that we could go to in that area without going to the city or anywhere else; and then in the city there were stage shows – the actual theatre, not a picture theatre, we had about 10 theatres in the city.

Yolande Pierce. Were there any stage theatres in Mosman?

Hazel Maclean. No, other than the Mosman Musical Society because that was going way back then.

Yolande Pierce. How often did you go to the theatre?

Hazel Maclean. You’d probably go twice a week. Other than that into the city to the live theatre, it would depend on what was on.