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Bruce Cormack

Interviewed by Eve Klein on 4 December 2000

Eve Klein. Do you remember going to the pictures?

Bruce Cormack. Oh yes I do. We went to four theatres. There was the Kinema in Mosman, which was the theatre beautiful and was very Art Deco in the mid ‘30s – very, very swish. It is now the Mosman RSL. That’s where I saw Errol Flynn in Robin Hood for the first time. They used to have an afternoon of cartoons, which was great stuff. Really, one of the objectives of the part-time weekend job delivering ice, was to earn enough money to, not just go to the movies, but to sit upstairs at the movies, or buy an ice cream – the mock ice cream – Polar Frost, you’d get better value for those. If you could earn a shilling for half a day’s heavy work, it was money well earned and then well spent in the same day.