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Clifton Haynes

Interviewed by Zoe Dobson on 24 February 2004

Clifton Haynes. After the war I won a scholarship from the Sydney Conservatorium for singing and while I was there I appeared in several productions of scenes from operas and from there I joined the Mosman Musical Society in 1947.

Zoe Dobson. Was this quite an established group?

Clifton Haynes. Yes, there were a couple of shows they did after the war but I was in the next one after that and I was in 55 different musicals. I did three shows with Ed Deveraux who later on played the part of Skippy and then went on to England and did other shows like Guys and Dolls. With Eddie Deveraux I did Belle of New York, Vagabond King and No No Nannette. I only left the Mosman Musical Society in the late 1970s because it was a stage when I was doing shows like Desert Song three times; Belle of New York twice, Wildflower twice and also working a little with the Borovansky Ballet and with the Italian Opera chorus in 1947.