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Jean Hill

Interviewed by Rosemary Christmas on 14 April 2003

Rosemary Christmas. So you three girls would play games?

Jean Hill. We played a lot of tennis because people had courts. I started tennis first at St Hilda’s when I was nine and they used to hire a court where the Mosman Hospital is now. We would trot up there and play, so I started quite young at tennis. I was never very good. I played only social tennis, there was always some little club that I joined and played with. I continued playing until in my early 70s actually, but by then as the rest of the club was also in their 70s they were getting hip replacements etc, so the whole thing fizzled. I haven’t played since then.

There were several courts in our street, we’d either know the people or we could borrow the court, we didn’t have a court ourselves but there was a lot of tennis.