Mosman Voices - oral histories online


  • Dallas Dyson - interviewed by Eve Klein, 6 August 2001
    Eve Klein. Prior to that time what were houses mainly built from? What materials was he using? Dallas Dyson. Oh in Mosman – bricks. It was an ordinance in Mosman C…
  • Dr and Mrs Dwyer - interviewed by Eve Klein, 30 November 2000
    Dr. Dwyer. We went for this approach of building a house on a vacant block, rather than buying a house that had already been occupied by someone else, simply because…
  • Irene Kertez - interviewed by Eve Klein, 8 November 2000
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    Irene Kertez. They came to me, but I said in Botany I can’t teach, they had children and in-laws etc, etc, and we had one room. He said: ‘That’s not a problem, I fin…
  • John Steel - interviewed by Rosemary Christmas, 10 May 2000
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    John Steel. But I do remember that in the period just before, and after, The Second World War there was a large amount of shops along Military Road. They really had…
  • Terry Forrest - interviewed by Zoe Dobson, 16 October 2003
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    Terry Forrest. In 1937 my father who was involved in the meat business ostensibly, purchased a shop at number 6 Spit Road Mosman. We moved from Vaucluse to come and…