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  • Barbara Williams - interviewed by Gerald Christmas, 10 May 2006
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    Barbara Williams. On another page there is something about the Garden School, which was my first school because we lived just around the corner. It was run by the Th…
  • Dr and Mrs Dwyer - interviewed by Eve Klein, 30 November 2000
    Eve Klein. And you as a child went to school in this area? Mrs. Dwyer. There was a little school in Bradleys Head Road called Orana, a private primary school. It…
  • Gretchen Dechert - interviewed by Zoe Dobson, 15 August 2005
    Gretchen Dechert. After that I went to the St Hilda’s Church of England Grammar School up near the Zoo. That school was started by the four Sisters of Tippy Arnold w…
  • Patricia Ann Rae Dale - interviewed by Susan Kelly, 14 October 2002
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    Susan Kelly. Your memories of your early school days in Infant and Primary School? Patricia Dale. In those days the Primary School was down where it is now in Belm…
  • Paul Metzler - interviewed by Donna Braye, 18 February 2000
    Donna Braye. Did you go to school in Mosman? Paul Metzler. My sister went to school at Miss Yarnold’s. My sister was two years old than I. She went to Miss Yarnol…
  • Ted Pethebridge - interviewed by Sandra Blamey, 6 March 2001
    Sandra Blamey. Do you remember anything in particular about school days? Did you enjoy school? Ted Pethebridge. Oh yes. School days were very good, I had a lot of…