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  • Betty Kennard - interviewed by Eve Klein, 5th March 2001
    Betty Kennard. We built our own home only four doors from where we had rented. That was after the war. We had to wait until the restrictions were lifted to allow us…
  • Dallas Dyson - interviewed by Eve Klein, 6 August 2001
    Eve Klein. Prior to that time what were houses mainly built from? What materials was he using? Dallas Dyson. Oh in Mosman – bricks. It was an ordinance in Mosman C…
  • Dr and Mrs Dwyer - interviewed by Eve Klein, 30 November 2000
    Dr. Dwyer. We went for this approach of building a house on a vacant block, rather than buying a house that had already been occupied by someone else, simply because…
  • Irene Kertez - interviewed by Eve Klein, 8 November 2000
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    Irene Kertez. They came to me, but I said in Botany I can’t teach, they had children and in-laws etc, etc, and we had one room. He said: ‘That’s not a problem, I fin…
  • John Steel - interviewed by Rosemary Christmas, 10 May 2000
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    John Steel. But I do remember that in the period just before, and after, The Second World War there was a large amount of shops along Military Road. They really had…
  • Terry Forrest - interviewed by Zoe Dobson, 16 October 2003
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    Terry Forrest. In 1937 my father who was involved in the meat business ostensibly, purchased a shop at number 6 Spit Road Mosman. We moved from Vaucluse to come and…