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  • Garrie Felsted Wells - interviewed by Zoe Dobson , 24th July 2003
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    Garrie Felsted Wells. Yes, I remember very vividly the night they came in because my dad was by then a warden and we had a trench in the back garden and my mother wa…
  • Margaret Joan Holmes - interviewed by Margaret Holgate, 17 November 2000
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    Margaret Holgate. Could you tell me a bit more about how it was in Mosman during the war generally? Margaret Holmes. Once the Japanese threat came, we had to prep…
  • Patricia Ann Rae Dale - interviewed by Susan Kelly, 14 October 2002
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    Susan Kelly. How did the war change your experiences as a child? Patricia Dale. I can remember the soldiers being camped between us and the Zoo and the searchlight…
  • Patricia Beaumont - interviewed by Rosemary Christmas, 28 March 2001
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    Rosemary Christmas. Do you remember the war years? Did that affect you at all? Patricia Beaumont. Yes, the Second World War, well yes. Rather a strange thing happ…