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  • Garrie Felsted Wells - interviewed by Zoe Dobson , 24th July 2003
    Garrie Felsted Wells. Yes, I went to Wenona in 1934 when I was seven and I’m still friends with some of those girls. There are a small group of us who meet every cou…
  • John Schenker - interviewed by Eve Klein, 13 December 2000
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    Eve Klein. What was the swimming instruction like? John Schenker. That was outside school, it had nothing to do with school. Eve Klein. You didn’t go swimming…
  • Margaret Broadfoot and Ken Hooton - interviewed by Trish Levido, 5 March 2008
    Ken Hooton. The other neighbour was Juilette, Maurice, Henry, and Pierre, French people. They were in Prince Albert St, but they adjoined us. Henry was my age so I s…