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The Amphitheatre

  • Barbara Williams - interviewed by Gerald Christmas, 10 May 2006
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    Barbara Williams. I remember going to that theatre – the one for the coming of Christ. The man who ran The Tivoli had something to do with it. Gerald Christmas. D…
  • Clifton Haynes - interviewed by Zoe Dobson, 24 February 2004
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    Clifton Haynes. I remember the Amphitheatre well as a child. I remember when it was built and I have a picture of that. It was built by the Theosophists and these pe…
  • Dr and Mrs Dwyer - interviewed by Eve Klein, 30 November 2000
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    Eve Klein. You were talking about the Amphitheatre; where was that located? Mrs. Dwyer. At the northern end of Balmoral until it was replaced, post-war with that…
  • Gretchen Dechert - interviewed by Zoe Dobson, 15 August 2005
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    Gretchen Dechert. Oh yes, and I remember the Star of the East, the Amphitheatre. That was when Christ was to walk through the Heads. We were overseas so I didn’t see…
  • Hazel Maclean - interviewed by Yolande Pierce, 31 January 1989
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    Yolande Pierce. Do you remember the Theosophist Temple down at Balmoral Beach in its heyday? Hazel Maclean. Oh yes. In its heyday. Yolande Pierce. I believe the…
  • John Wilmot Roberts - interviewed by Trish Levido, 15 December 2005
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    John Roberts. Yes, quaint old days and there’s something documented in books about Balmoral – the Amphitheatre played a small part in my youth. After the Theosoph…