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Cave Dwellers

  • Gretchen Dechert - interviewed by Zoe Dobson, 15 August 2005
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    Gretchen Dechert. Yes I went to Balmoral a lot, that’s where I learnt to swim. When I was a little girl my father threw me in off the end of the wharf and dived in a…
  • Louise Crisp - interviewed by Eve Klein, 14 August 2000
    Eve Klein. What sort of dangers, or worries were you warned about when you were a child? Anything to do with snakes or spiders, or people? Louise Crisp. Only if p…
  • Pat Gardiner and Laurie Huby - interviewed by Zoe Dobson, 21 May 2007
    Laurie Huby. I’ll start from Edward’s Bay Road, which was in McAdam Road. It became concreted over time. My father, whilst we were living there decided to have built…
  • Sylvia MacCormick - interviewed by Trish Levido, 9 January 2008
    Trish Levido. Now did you ever see the lady living in the cave down at Rosherville Reserve? Silvia MacCormick. Oh yes that character. Yes Al and I became quite fr…
  • Terry Forrest - interviewed by Zoe Dobson, 16 October 2003
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    Terry Forrest. When I mentioned the change of number of the house – that was because Bay Street stopped well short of Pickle Road, it was then extended subsequent to…
  • Violet Peters (nee Philips) - interviewed by Trish Levido, 12 September 2006
    Trish Levido. …tell me about the man that lived in a cave. Violet Peters. I remember seeing him walking up the big central avenue. He had a long beard and a big t…